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ALL CONTENT MUST BE FRESH, GENUINE AND LEGIT - we will be checking! We have the right to decline any content which is submitted to us.

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We are interested in contributors who are really a part of the gaming and eSports community and following eSports news on a daily basis.

We have prepared a short test to filter out those whose content probably won’t get approved.

For any genuine eSports enthusiast this exam will be a piece of cake :-)

Some of Our Contributors

  • Name: Ian Kleton
  • Topic: Esports News and Picks
  • Background: Hardcore gamer

Since I first touched a computer game at the age of 3 I've always been a gamer. Games have followed me over the years and I've shifted from being a hardcore gamer trying to follow my dream of becomming a professional to being a heavy Esports fanatic.

I work as an Esports News writter and still play games when I have some spare time. My favorite games to write about are Counter-Strike and League of Legends which I enjoy watching, playing and reading about.

  • Name: Leo
  • Topic: Dota 2, League of Legends
  • Background: Veteran Gamer

I am Leo

My passion is games, it's that simple. I'm a hardcore gamer and I have played on multiple online and Lan tournaments with a group of friends. My passion for games started when I played Warcraft 3 tournaments with my friends and has since then grown into every online game that has even the slightest of competition. I consider myself good at games and I share what I have discovered over the years in my articles.

  • Name: Sergey
  • Topic: Esport News, CS:GO
  • Background: Esports Fan

Hi ! So happened that one of my hobbies is computer games, since I was a little boy I have always loved playing video games. I play strategies, shooters, MOBA games, MMORPG and card games too. Computer games help to release my stress after a hard day or just to spend leisure time, and more recently also make some money.

With Esports Contributors I can make money doing things I love, all that is required just to write articles about esports and videogames.


  • How will I get paid?

    When one of your articles is approved, payment for that article will be added to your eSportsContributor account. You can then withdraw money from your account to a Paypal account once you have at least $50 of credit in your account.

  • Are there any age restrictions?

    There are no age restrictions for contributors.

  • Do I need to sign any agreements to become a contributor and earn money?

    You will need to accept our Terms and Conditions to become a contributor.

  • How often can I withdraw money?

    You can withdraw values of $50 or more to your Paypal account whenever you like.

  • If I fail the knowledge test, can I take it again? If so, when?

    You can retake the knowledge test shortly after failing it if you wish, but simply passing the test doesn’t mean that any of your submitted content will get accepted. If you can’t pass the test easily, you should probably spend more time getting to know the eSports scene before coming back to try again.

  • How will I know when I am ready to be a contributor?

    Passing the knowledge test will indicate that you have a basic understanding of eSports, and you can then submit an article for us to consider. Don’t be discouraged if your first article is rejected, practice makes perfect!

  • Do I need to be a professional to submit content here?

    No! We’re looking for views and opinions from the eSports community in general, and you don’t need to be a professional to write for us. You just need to know your stuff and have an interesting point of view to deliver.

  • What is the minimum word count for a submitted text? What is the maximum word count?

    There is no minimum word count for submissions. If you really think that you can write an interesting article that we would consider worth publishing in 10 words, go for it! Of course, even the shortest articles will usually be closer to at least 150 words. There is also no maximum word count for articles you submit, but once you reach 1500 words additional words will not increase your payment. Also note that we will edit down or flat out reject submissions which have been obviously padded with unnecessary filler text to increase the word count.

  • Can I rewrite texts from other sources?

    No, your writing should be original work. Of course you may quote other sources and comment on them, but the main body of your submissions should be original writing.

  • Should I send only text or should I include pictures as well?

    You should only include text in your submissions.

  • Will my texts be signed with my name?

    Once you pass the knowledge test, you will be able to choose the name which will appear under articles you submit. We suggest your first name and the first letter of your last name, but if you would like to pick something more anonymous, you are free to do so. Don’t pick offensive names or typical gamer usernames - nothing along the lines of !Snakeb1te345x, for example.

  • Should I submit content regularly or I can do it whenever I want to?

    You are free to submit content as often or rarely as you like, but more regular submissions will likely improve your writing skill and let us get to recognize and approve your submissions more quickly - and of course, doing so will mean you get paid more too!

  • Can I share my personal opinions in my posts?

    Yes! If you can make your opinion interesting or funny and back it up, don’t hold back. Of course, when submitting a more factual article like a news post you don’t have to insert your personal take on it - although you certainly can if you think it’s compelling or amusing.

  • Should I focus my writing on a single topic, or can I write about as many as I want?

    You can write about several different topics if you like, but it might be a better idea to be more focused. Producing articles concentrated mainly on one or two topics will allow you to develop your knowledge in those areas, and make it more likely that your submissions will be accepted.

  • What reward do I get for referring friends to

    If you refer a friend to our website and they have at least one of their submitted articles approved, you will receive a $20 bonus payment.

  • How will you know when a new contributor was referred to the site by me?

    Your friend just needs to follow the link in the email you sent them, and you will be credited with bringing them to the site (as soon as they have an article approved).

  • Will you show a link to my website, if I mention it in my text?

    If you include a link to a personal website in your profile, we will link to it from your author’s byline on published articles.

  • If my text is approved, how and where can I find it (which website or blog)?

    You can view the current status of all your submitted articles on your contributor page. If an article has been approved and used, you will find a link to where it is being used.

  • May I use the texts I submit to on my own website?

    Unless your text was rejected for, you may not use submitted content on your own website. However, you may link from your website to the website where the text was used, noting that you wrote it.

  • Do I get any reward if I promote website on my own blog or website?

    We currently do not offer any rewards for promoting on your own blog or websites.

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